BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

Formerly Black Diamond Racing

Award winning and world renowned vibration control products

BDR manufactures carbon fiber isolation devices for high end audio components, to provide a system for Vibration Control.

BDR Adapters are Brass and 1 inch in length with the exception of the 3/8"-16 adapter which is 1.5" long. All adapters are threaded on one end with the standard 1/4 - 20 thread and the other end to a specified size. Our sizes offered are as follows:

Adapter 5/16" -18
Adapter 3/8"- 16
Adapter  6/32
Adapter 8/32
Adapter 10/32
Adapter 4mm
Adapter 6mm
Adapter 8mm
Adapter 10mm

BDR Studs are available in three sizes:

-3/4" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)
-5/8" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)
- 1 1/2" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)

**all of our inserted items take a 3/4" stud
** all LM products and pyramid cones take 5/8" stud
** 1 1/2 studs fit to our Jumbo Pits

Tape Dots: A damping material. A 4 mil material with re-positionable adhesive on one side.  There is minimal effect on performance while significantly reducing sliding of lighter components.
Tape dots are 1.5" diameter.