BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

Formerly Black Diamond Racing

Award winning and world renowned vibration control products

BDR manufactures carbon fiber isolation devices for high end audio components, to provide a system for Vibration Control.

 5 x 4

In contrast to the Inverse Curve, the Curve takes a defined space and essentially bends it outward. This allows the maximum material for use.The Curve can be used as described in the Inverse Curve section.  The curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs or Pillows. BDR products can be built up as desired.                                                                                
The LM Curved Series Shelves incorporates a shaped profile to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. The result is improved performance across the audio spectrum.

Available Sizes:

18 x 14


12 x 5

19 x 15

5 x 5

15 x 12

8.125 x 5

8 x 8

12 x 10