BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

Formerly Black Diamond Racing

Award winning and world renowned vibration control products

BDR manufactures carbon fiber isolation devices for high end audio components, to provide a system for Vibration Control.

 Photo: LM Pillows screwed together with Pyramid Cones

Discs & Pillows

"Visual Grand Prix Audio Excellence Award
1.5" LM Disc and LM Pillows"

LM Pillow Sizes Offered:




*5/8" studs included

The LM Pillows have a curved shape and are both dimpled and threaded, for use as a Cone cup, or they may be screwed together with the Cones for use against a component chassis or speaker cabinet. Threaded studs are included.Please note the LM Pillows incorporate both a deep and shallow dimple for additional tuning flexibility. For optimum performance, these parts are only offered threaded, and there are no Mk3 or Mk4 versions.

Both the threads and the dimples of the LM Pillows have been tested to 400 pounds per part with no degradation. While the pieces have no known weight limit, we have found that the smaller and lighter the component, the smaller the Pillowis preferred. We have also found that mechanical devices, such as transports, turntables and speakers, prefer largerPillows. Accordingly, we are offering four sizes to optimize performance.

The Disc is an excellent product in many applications, especially smaller or lighter components.  You
will be surprised at the power packed in a small package. These devices will bring your listening experience to another level, improving resolution, dimensionality, and extension across the audio range.

LM Discs improve bass weight and control, extends and smooths treble response, and greatly enhances mid-range clarity and presence.  LM Discs are dimpled on one side and are designed to match the tip of the Pyramid Cones.  We recommend using them under the Pyramid Cones for an incredible upgrade.  Just slip a set under the stock feet of any piece of gear to hear an instant difference. The LM Discs can be used under speaker spikes or under any equipment rack, as each LM Disc can handle over 180kg.  Dimpled LM Discs are1.5" diameter and 3/8" thick.