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LM Series Shelves - Inverse Curve


The LM Series Shelves will bring your listening experience to another level, improving resolution, dimensionality and extension across the audio range. The LM Series Shelves incorporates shaped profiles, to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. While rectangular pieces are available on a custom basis, the best performance will be achieved using the curved pieces we have developed.

Photo below shows a 21 x 15.75 Inverse Curve in a Zoethecus rack.



Custom designs may be available. Please contact us with your requirements.

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The Inverse Curve was originally developed to fit in a constrained space, such as the Zoethecus rack shown above.
The performance of the Inverse has proved to be superior to a rectangular shaped piece of the same dimensions.
The inverse curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs, Pillows or other material underneath and building up with BDR products as desires. We have sizes available for many common component and speaker sizes. Minimum dimensions are shown below.