​BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

The LM Series of vibration control products is not merely a modification of BDR's pioneering carbon fiber composite technology; its a complete
re-engineering of materials and profile that result in unsurpassed resistance to resonance! The LM series dissipates vibration extremely efficiently and consists of LM Standard, LM Pillows, LM Discs and both the Inverse Curve and Curve Shelves. The LM Series Shelves simply let you hear exactly what your component sounds like, without the negative effects of micro vibrations. Increases in resolution and detail can only be described as dramatic, transforming high-performance audio systems into another dimension.  

 A complete treatment of your components with LM Products could be the most cost-effective upgrade you will ever make to your gear!


LM Series Shelves are square sided and feature gently rounded edges. They fit neatly under components and can be used as direct replacement for existing shelves in a rack.  As the LM Series Shelves are frequently placed directly on an existing structure, while Pillows and Cones may be used for additional isolation if desired.

 A 21” x 15.75” LM Series Shelf, supported only at the corners, was weight tested to over 200 pounds with approximately .050” deflection. There was no damage to the product.


Both the LM Series Pillows and Shelves have been optimized for use with the The Pyramid Cones. We have found the products to be effective under every type of component tested, including all electronics, transports, DACs, speakers, line conditioners, power supplies and turntables. With sizes to accommodate virtually any weight or size, We are confident BDR Sound Enhancement products can accommodate your requirements.


LM Disc: is an excellent entry level piece for the LM Series of products. The Discs are round and have a dimple on one side only, designed to match the tip of the Pryamid Cones. They are the most basic element in the LM Series of products and may be the optimal part for smaller or lighter components.


A 1.5” diameter dimpled LM Disc is offered as an affordable entry product, and is excellent for basic applications.